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Is that really correct?

The only way I can get my app to talk to the Google Play store at all is to upload a signed compiled APK.

How then am I supposed to test purchases, reading / writing or files containing purchase data etc, verification of products downloaded and so on? Fill my game with messageboxes everywhere?

Does anyone have a practical solution in how to debug IAP?

Thank you


That's the nature of Google Play as you have to just upload a compiled APK (which also includes Yoyogames' Google Play IAP Extension).
After then, you can make purchases(As long as your app is on Alpha/Beta and you're listed as a tester, you will only make a transaction but no money gets withdrawn from your bank account)

I've myself tested before.

Edit : You can see transactions on your Google Play panel with transaction IDs etc.


OK - will try that now. Thank you very much for your response. Snippets of gold information like that are not easy to come by, and I've yet to read that anywhere in all the GM docs on settings up and using IAP.
Thanks again.


Update : I did the above, and Google took the money, even though I am in INTERNAL TEST mode, and am one of 4 registered test email addresses.
PAYPAL confirmed the transaction.

Also - I have 8 products labelled as ACTIVE in the shop, but only TWO of them can be triggered.

IAP in GM is badly documented. I'm going to raise this as an issue and get them to give some support to it. It should not be this difficult.