IAP code generator


I created a program on my website that autogenerates the code to run In App Purchases.

Click Here, then choose "Game Maker IAP" in the options menu.

Type the IAP information in the "IAP List" field. For example:
id0, Item 0 Title, Item 0 Description, 1.99
id1, Item 1 Title, Item 1 Description, 2.49
id2, Item 2 Title, Item 2 Description, 2.99
Then, click "Generate Code". It will generate the code to run when the app starts, the code to run in the IAP event, an array "purchases[n]" to check whether item n has been purchased, and a script that allows you to call "scriptName(n)" when you want to purchase item n.


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Are you sure this is the best place to post this? The rules doesn't say anything explicitly, but they're heavily geared towards people asking how to do something, not people providing good-to-have code. It also looks kinda fishy (or should I say, phishy) just telling people to go fill in an online form on some random site.


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I hate to break it to you, but this will no longer work as all the IAP functions have been deprecated in GameMaker Studio 2 as of the latest 2.2.4 beta update. Now everything is done through extensions with their own custom functions and methods of working with them.