Portfolio - Audio I will make one song for your prototype


Hello Ricardo here:

I want to make a portfolio of songs for real games that are in development right now. If you are interested in how your game sounds with music I can help you. This will helps to improve your game vision and can be inspiring,motivational and give you more ideas.

So this is the plan:


send me a .exe of the part of your game you want to have music.

Describe me what feelings do you want to express, player experience,what that moment of the game means.

You can donate the money you consider for the job.


I make a song based in your ideas and I will send it to you free to use in your project.

I will make a promotional video with that part of your game and put a link for the people who wants to know about it, so in this way we are both promoted.

As you see we both have benefits from this agreement, as you know promotion is also important in the early stages of the game.I have been developing games also you can read my messages in the forum.

This is the gear I have:

my workstation : ROLAND FA 07
percussion: Roland Handsonic HPD 20
Nord drum 3p

My music:


Style of music I can do well:

dark metroidvania style (Castlevania, Faxanadu)
synthwave (Hotline miami, Dune songs )
Classical piano songs (romantic ballad style)
adventure games (Monkey Island, Zelda, Quest for glory songs)

don't hesitate to contact me and let's work together! :)

email : callingric@gmail.com or just send me a private.