Design I want to make better things to what i know!


(Repeats what's on the title), but i don't know how to do it...

Each try i get screwed up... i think...

How i make things that are better to what i know?

It sounds too much work... an easy way to make those stuff exists?


I'm really not sure I get your question, but if you mean "how to improve?", it's the same answer for everything in your life: you practice the things you're NOT good at/comfortable with, until it becomes easy, and then you move to the next thing you want to learn. It's that simple, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy :)


Look at things you don’t know. Old video games. Games you don’t normally play or know.

Look at art. Classics/ modern.

If it’s design. Watch GDC videos.

If it’s coding watch different tutorials.

Do a game jam.

Yes it’s difficult.


I'm really not sure I get your question, but if you mean "how to improve?
No! Improving not! Well, maybe... but what i made must be better personally than what i know, i wrote the thing badly, is "I want to make things better than what i know". Its "Better than What i know" not "Better to What i know", it's a goof, so...
Well, the point is, how can i make a new thing for enjoy that will later be considerered by me better than something i used for enjoy, something i know, something copyrighted...
Well, i don't want to make a modified version of what to know, that is better than the original, i just want a random thing i make for use it for enjoy, that makes me leave the other copyrighted thing i used for enjoy because of its goodness...
For example, a episode of Happy Tree Friends, they're scary, innapropiate for everyone, what about a random episode of other cartoon, with the same nature, but the scariness replaced by something tasteful, satisfactory for everyone even me... maybe something related to problem resolution during cotidian life?

Uff, i think i explained things badly, let's try again, but in a nutshell this time :
"I want to do things to entertain me that are so good, they make me forget what I used to entertain me before, but i don't know why, each try results boring, not exactly what i always expect... how i can do it? A easy way to do it exist?"
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No. An easy way does not exist. The advice everyone else has already given is it. Practice. Try out things you haven't done before. Get better. Practice writing stories. Practice programming mechanics. Play as many games as you can. Think about the mechanics of the games you are playing and why they work/don't work. Play as many games as you can. Pick some genres you like and figure out exactly what it is you like about them and then try to think of ways to merge them together into something more interesting than either original genre. Play as many games as you can..."How do I make interesting things" is not a skill that can be taught, the question is -way- too broad. You need to get into more fundamental aspects of creation. "What are some techniques I can use to make my protagonist move the story forward" is an example of a more grounded question.

The problem is that you seem to think that by posting on a forum you'll be given the golden ticket to making solid, interesting and achievable things. You won't. It's a skill that is built up over years and years of creating. No-one ever goes into creating their first or second thing and makes something super interesting, unique and successful (even when it -seems- like people do that, it's because you don't see the many failed attempts they have made in private). The only way to do what you want to do is to create and create and create. That's it. No easy way. No golden ticket. Just make many, many things and hopefully one of them will come out as interesting.


King of Raccoons
Less time making threads about how do it become better

And more working to become better

Make a game any game
Make a clone of a game

Even if its never finished/published

Its experience


I had more complications with making music before...

But now, i invented a way to "sketch" music tracks and make them turn out sucessful for me, idk how to explain it...

Y'see? I'm evolutuonating! And it means i will be better in the future! And it will leave my old postings old obviously, idk how to call them correctly, but i don't want to insult them...