Demo I Wanna Be the Troll (working title) - Demo



I'm working on a fangame of I Wanna Be The Guy (apparently the name "I Wanna Be The Troll" is already taken), and wanted to see what the GMC thought of it. I'm new to GM so I'm sure its not perfect, so I'd like to get some feedback on how I could improve it.

***Disclaimer*** Some content has been taken from I Wanna Be The Guy, this is being used with the permission of the author: This is not being monetized.


EDIT 09/08/2016: Here is the new and improved version (new engine)!
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Well, it is very trollish, not my kind of game. okay. Music, most of it very obviously ripped but I'll look past that. Background, not at all appealing.
I give it a 2/5 for now.

Also I feel confident in saying that this level is impossible.

Decided to include a GIF of me playing it. I suggest changing the jump key as it causes Sticky keys to come on (happened to me at the end of the GIF where I finally make it past the arrow)
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Well, I assumed for a while that the first screen is impossible, but eventually beat it, to only discover there is more levels. I got to the Zelda 1 level, died, and was back at square one.