I uncovered 6 secrets in the NES game City Connection


Don't ask why I decided to hack City Connection, but I did. And I uncovered six secrets:

You must throw exactly 10 oilcans on the New York stage — no more, no less, ten shall be the number. The trigger point in the room is just 16 pixels wide when the Statue Of Liberty is in the middle of the screen. This will spawn a UFO that grants an extra life.

Collecting a balloon in London when you have exactly 11 oilcans in stock will cause another balloon to immediately spawn.

Paris has two secrets. The first one is pretty simple. Just perform a double-attack when you have no oilcans left. A double-attack is when you press the B button right when your car changes direction, which will throw 2 oilcans instead of just one, even if you don’t have any oilcans in stock. This will cause hearts to appear on the screen. Each heart increases your balloon count.

For the other Paris secret, when you have exactly 18 oilcans in stock and the entire top row of roads is painted, then perform a double-attack. A comet will fall from the sky. You don’t get any bonus for catching the comet and you can’t catch it anyway.

In Agra (India), perform a double-attack when you are just to the right of the central archway of the Taj Mahal (if you’re on the bottom row, you want to be inside the water to the right of the green dots). This will turn the sky orange. I think that’s all it does.

The last secret I found is in Nara (Japan) and is the simplest one of them all: just jump over a spike trap. A bunny will fall from the moon and hop off the screen. Grabbing the bunny will increase your balloon count.

Oddly there were no secrets in Germany.