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GMS 2 I Seriously Appreciate Yoyo

Discussion in 'Community Chat' started by Erayd, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Erayd

    Erayd Member

    Jun 23, 2016
    I want to say it because I don't know if it's said enough.

    I appreciate the game engine, the forums, the bug fixes, the support team, everything.

    I've been learning game design/programming for about 8 years now and game design isn't my job, it's my hobby. My job is hard to explain, but put simply, "I write and work with tools that automate quality assurance for a software built by a company that uses it to make thousands of school websites."

    I regularly do boat loads of research, learning and programming both in and out of my general work schedule because I find programming to be fun. I love making games, even if my game never gets released, I don't much care, I just enjoy working on it.

    I say all of this to give a little context to my above statement. I know what companies can be like, I know what a company looks like that doesn't care for their user base. Companies that are only in it to make a few extra dollars. I can even see how easy it is to fall in to the same hole.

    Yet Game Maker Studio 2 was released a while back, a much needed rewrite of the original studio that vastly improves on the old structure. Yes there are bugs, but nothing too major that stops development and if I mention it in a forum or post a bug report, eventually it gets fixed. Which is huge to me. What's more is I rarely run in to a roadblock as far as a feature goes by using GML or openGL. No theres no conversation logic tree scripting feature, but I can make my own! No theres no built in imaginary number functionality, but I can build scripts that follow the same rules myself! It's great!

    And then they go and totally rebuild the horrible old forums and release this beautiful masterpiece with all these amazing features I wish every site had! Of course I'll pay for my license of studio again; it's more than worth it!

    Anyway, that's all lol don't mind me, just thought I'd give some love to the devs that make it all possible.
  2. sofaspartan

    sofaspartan Member

    May 31, 2019
    I feel the same way. Yoyogames has come a long was since I started with it 8 years ago!

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