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Discussion I prefer DRAG and DROP...Is GMS 2 out of my league?


I'm afraid to get Game Maker Studio 2...because I fear it may be geared towards
advanced programmers who like to code.

I'm more of a visual (Drag and Drop) kind of thinker.

Will GMS 2 have Drag and Drop for High Score tables like GM 8 had?
What about a Drag and Drop icon to easily configure a pause menu system?

Remember how GM 8 had Regular and Advanced modes...I liked that...
An Easy mode (with lots of D&D) for first time Game Makers would be nice.


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GMS 2 does have two seperate project modes, one for D&D and the other one for GML. You can switch between the two as well.

As for your concerns, ceasing the development of D&D is not something that YoYo are going to do. GameMaker is still promoted as a tool for beginners who don't want to use comparatively complex programming languages. In fact, they've always talked about improving D&D and making it more functional. As a result, D&D in GMS 2 is much better and improved. It allows you to use buffers and data structures, which was earlier possible only via GML. You might want to have a look at this:


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There's a trial, go try it out!

There is a new DnD system that's much simpler to expand, and we've added loads of new commands including data structures, tiles etc. We've also added a "live" code preview, that shows you the GML code the DnD will generate as you code. This is an invaluable learning aid in case you ever want to step up to GML.

But don't take my word for it - try it!


I've heard a lot of beginner users comment that DnD in GMS2 is even better than previous versions. I've not got (recent) experience using DnD myself, but the feeling is positive from what I've heard. Give it a shot!


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I dont like DnD. I find code far eisear to use.
However, GMS2 DnD is much better. Even i can see that!
I dont really use it, still. But it fixes many things i didnt like with GMS1.x DnD.


More resources and development has been devoted to D&D in GMS2 than any other version upgrade in years.

You've been hear since at least June, you're using GMS 1, why wouldn't you try 2?


With "under the hood" preview, DnD in GMS2 is like a interactive tutorial to programming. You drag square, put params, and ta-da! You can also see the code, and learn something.


I appreciate all the comments so far...GMS 2 is starting to look really good to me.
Even though I've been using GM 8 and GMS 1 for several years...I still fell like a beginner...
Glad Yoyo isn't trying to knock off beginners by making basic game stuff overly complicated.


As a complete newb to GMS 2, is it possible to switch back to a DnD even after coding at any time and vice versa?