I need rather urgent help.

Discussion in 'Programming' started by MickLeinbach, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. MickLeinbach

    MickLeinbach Member

    Jul 14, 2019
    I am making a game where going into your save file and changing values is integral to beating it. This is for a game jam with the theme "Cheat to win" and I'm in too deep to do something else. Everything was fine in testing, but I discovered that when you play the game using a zip file, which I will be using to submit the game, finding the save file is very hard and/or impossible. It's definitely too hard for random people checking out my project on the game jam page. Does anybody know how to save the data in a more obvious way? The game jam ends in four days.
  2. Catan

    Catan Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    In the latest versions of GMS2 you can disable the sandbox in the project options. This should allow you to place the save file for example in the exe file directory (see program_directory).
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