I need help with two things =D

First of all i wanna thank everybody that helped me in my first post here about use the alerts to creat a loop by time, helped me a lot and made the whole game making more easy.

Now i want to ask two new questions and i hope you guys can help me.

1- I need to create only one line of highscore that will appear for the player while he play the game, its not at the end it will be like old arcades where have the score bar and the high score bar. I'm having trouble with creating the high score =/

2- Can i create global variables? Yes this question is kind linked with the first one because i thought about it when i was going to sleep xD

Thanks for the help

ps: If you can teach me using the drag n drop system i would thank you so much XD
Hi i know there is a plenty but almost of the resources are programming and i'm still new at this so i'm looking for the drag and drop thing XD.
And thanks for answer me one of my questions =D