Idea I need help with starting a game


so I'm new to GML but not new to java so if that info helps I guess?
well, I have this game idea that I have of a pokemon pack simulator but more advanced.
like to get packs you need money and to get the money you need to work and you can also trade online with people cards or packs.
the problem that I have is... where to start? I thought I needed to start with setting up the server so I saw some tutorials and set up a basic server and a client, but now what?
I have no idea what to do... I planned the game in a document but again... I have nowhere to start ;-;
so I need help. is it ok if I leave my discord here? if yes I will update this post with my discord.


Start by breaking the game into small components. Then break those small components into smaller components. Then break those smaller components into even smaller components.
Then start doing those one by one...

First of, learn how to do database in GML. Then do sorting, arrays, stuff like that. That will help you with each player and their inventory and so on.
Then do servers, then do data transfer, then do communication between players...

You are going for probably the most complicated thing possible - multiplayer server thingie... But anyways, just break down each task into smaller tasks and then complete each of the smaller tasks.

Let's say I am a player of your game. What is my user interface? What will there be in it? What will be local data and what will be stored on the server side? Any story? Any lore? World building? Those are all important things about a game...