i need help with a health bar issue



Hi all,

I'm currently working on a game for my college course, everything seems to be working fine, but the issue is the health bar, when the game starts up the health bar isn't at 100% more like 70% I think it might be a sequence issue but I'm not sure :/

I'll be ever so grateful if someone could help me THANK YOU ^_^

P.S I'm a total noob to GM so please go easy on me with the GM jargon THANKS!!!
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Well, are you using GMS2 or GMS 1.4?
Id post in the relevant forum sections, this area is Community Chat and is for talking about issues not directly related to bugs, errors or assistance.
We talk about the future of the software, trends and each other here, you will get more help posting in the section for the version of GMS you are using.

Please read the Pinned topics at the top of each forum and the rules, you will get a lot more help that way.

Good luck and welcome to the GMC.