i need a HUGE amount of assets and resources

is there any asset generation engines or a pile of high quality assets i can use? id be willing to pay 3 digit usd for premium assets or asset engines, like coin makers, sound makers, music makers, tile makers, sprite makers etcetera. you can private message me if you want to. please make sure the software is iether made by you, free to use, or you have legal ownership, as stated in the forum rules.

ill be monitoring this post for many years. thanks in advance for any input!

my steam is geniusthemaster my discord is gunmaker#6065

ps i tried contacting fiverr to hire a asset designer but their credit card engine is currently broken, and only accepts paypal.


I suggest you post in the collaboration forum. There are plenty of freelancers that will take a job. You could also maybe try itch.io. I'm pretty new to it so I'm not super familiar but it seems to be pretty active and I see lots of people here mention it.

There are also lots of sites easily findable via a search engine if you just try.


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Why do you need a HUGE amount of resources instead of just a large or moderate amount? If they don't fit together properly, your game will look more unprofessional than a game with lower overall asset quality but a consistent style. I'd say it's better to go for quality over quantity (and probably also cheaper in the long run).

Also, if you told us what type of assets you're looking for, it would be much easier to narrow down suggestions. Pixel art? 3D models? Music? Lowpoly? Photorealism? Synthwave? 8-bit? Atari?