I make games to keep life in perspective.


Having a mind that explores every single operation around me, I give context to my experiences through games. I've personally done this in a healthy way, as the world we live in is a social place, and it's an environment that can be perceived as a game when we would turn our perspective to see life from the point of view that suggests we are living in a game world and we are having a life experience.

I know the games I've been playing in life, and I know the developments that have taken place in my life as a result of winning those games.

I see where I don't give up, and that changes the game everyone thought they could keep playing too.

Personally, I'm trying to express myself deeply with my peers, and I know the tendency of people around me is too superficial for me most of the time.

Games are more than just lines of code, though. Games are more than just good graphics. So many choices and so many different types of learning have to lead up to the choice someone makes in playing a game, and then even more learning can then take place in a game. All of these events amount to experience. All of that experience goes into framing the events that control how we live our lives, and actual games have always been a very important part of life and what amounts to what processes exist on a social scale.

For this reason, the emotional aspect of games is also important.

Can anyone carry on in having a conversation that is important to an intelligent dialogue?


Games are artistic expression or at least can be. Many times we can learn something about ourselves while developing them. The human experience is something so introquet that I know i struggle to figure out how to convey those feeling and allow the player to feel them as well.


@ChrisC Forgive me because I'm a wordsmith and a real agile developer. Please continue to read the following or look for leaflets you can follow or excerpts from what I say that are meaningful to you because I really don't expect anyone to read all of it(but brownie points if they do LOL). So, lot's of words here, and honestly, I don't struggle to figure out how to convey feelings to people or players in a game, where the value of a player is assigned to a person. So there is that, and I'm desperately looking for an intelligent discussion at this point in my life with anyone I could have one with on this planet, understanding that even if someone goes to the depth they encounter me, where I receive some level of deep insight from them(or even the complete levels of deep insight), that I need to look for the deep level of insight that actually matters in building a relationship with another person if we are people who will ever grow closer in building a relationship with each other since everyone needs to have the skills to work with and get along with other people. The fact is, some people have learned enough insight, but they exist on a superficial level in terms of relationships and the quality of the relationship they don't offer, and it is a sick game to remove someone from thinking for themselves, at a point someone is just looking to appear smart enough to make someone else feel bad because they can make someone else feel dumb.

I do know the games I've been playing in life, and I do know the developments that have taken place in my life as a result of winning those games. Like I pointed out already, one game is where I would be tricked by someone because they thought they could hook me when I didn't see the insight they needed that was actually important in having a relationship with someone else. In doing so I have become aware of so much that goes on around me and inside myself too, and I have my knowledge to offer the world, where I also know the meaning it expresses to people, because of the purpose that true knowledge has. Knowledge is power and life itself is an artistic expression, and one that I've appreciated, and no one could ever inhibit my ability to learn new things.

I do know how elaborate our individual and shared experiences are, and I'm not saying I know everything about everyone. There are hidden values in each of our experiences as human life support systems, and in a human life support system, there are also hidden values we experience together from sharing what traces back to values we do or don't share, guided by each other's different level of understanding, where we bring the hidden value in each of us forward, learning about the importance of relationships and the qualities that matter in other people, where levels of different complexity are layered in the experiences we come to know in our lives, where we understand higher levels of complexity in our experience(at levels above and below the threshold of our conscious awareness), and that then takes us to deeper levels of parts of ourselves or other people in our subconscious, that we didn't know in our lives previously, where a hidden value was shaped in our experience, of which we discovered in each other's lives and our own lives for better or worse, which is then a value that we have that we can bring to the surface in our conscious mind by having a life experience as if we truly do exist in a game world.

Ultimately time will tell all, and there is nothing we can hide from each other in this game we call life. These principles also apply to games that are made up of experiences we choose to have in our lives, where we engineer a process that leads people through different levels of insight. We just need to find the insight, and then take people through those levels in the levels of the game, forcing the player to do the work that will lead them to the insight, which will then express those feelings we intend them to feel, by planting the seed in that person who is playing our game, where we are then watering it like a plant in them.

Yeah, so people actually tried to play a lot of cruel and twisted games with me, and I found the insight in my life and my experience to build normal relationships instead of destructive ones. I learned how life can work in a game to make people have feels too. I'm glad I could inspire others, and thanks so much for listening to me while responding openly and honestly. I know so many people can do what I did because I did it myself.

The emotional aspect of games is so important.

I was also talking about how to produce thoughts and how to make the player feel the experience in the following thread:

Good luck to you! And thanks for all the likes for me opening this thread everyone!!!


I think games & entertainment is our past and future... From as far back as "who can throw the boulder farthest" and campfire storytelling.
Maybe it is out of boredom, as we drift around in the nothingness... What else is there to do? Replicate?? šŸ¤£

Either way, games are great entertainment - they can appeal to a LOT of our senses.
Simple literary works can emulate most senses, and with video games you add on real visual, audible, and the mechanical ability to make choices... People love games! Naturally making them is fun too :3
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Not to say that every element of our lives is packaged central to every operation of all our lives, making all of us the center of the universe, that then makes each of our lives a program that somehow got turned into a gaming application...Haha, killing each other to get those extensions after a final release was built...of course this would be the case in almost all cases, and especially when it comes to finding a compatible partner! Ugh, I need some fresh air to stay positive about all of this.

Anyway, people tend to see that the difference between compatible or incompatible is being linked to the capacity to add some sort of extension to an experience we have(otherwise people are "just playing games with each other" in relationships, and in some cases, people tend to see this even if there is an instinctive drive to murder someone else in this process. This totally contradicts that we have this tendency to socialize in a process that we also build our lives in, but there are a lot of poor, trapped, and lonely individuals whose feelings of isolation are what they have to learn to live with and overcome somehow.

Oh, god, the innuendo, though...LOL...it's killing me with laughter...so that was a great attempt at laughter, btw. I really think this is where all the pipes are clogged up intellectually as well. There is a huge difference between encountering a life with another person or encountering a game with other people, but in either case, the teams are playing the game of "everybody lives or dies and we all need proof that we will live", and the game is always to think clearly and make the right decisions whether we are a part of the action of real-life while we are or aren't simulating it in a game experience or whether we are just having a game experience instead of a normal experience(emphasis on video gaming experiences). Worth mentioning is the goal to win: It's born out of the balance necessary to achieve something.

Way to put everything into a nutshell, though, @Neptune. I'm really glad we could all have a normal experience here in the game that is life, rowing our boats merrily as we dream, at least in these threads. I'm personally happy to be a part of this game world, with all these different worlds of so many different games, that we are lead to so many wonderful possibilities. For me, it's practically a religious experience.

Well, at this point people, read Games People Play by Eric Berne if any of you need to, and look into the Jahari window. Both have a lot of insight on how people's lives are a program that can be turned into a game application, instead of something that has a real-life application, and most of you, I suggest you think about why that girl you like just wasn't interested, or why you shouldn't be interested in her, or how you both even got involved with each other in the first place. I'm not going to change my name on the message boards to "Raging Feminist" or anything, but I might as well. I'm around all these people who just want to jam in some fake application into what they expect will be the organization of all of our lives on a platform that wasn't meant to balance any unstable organization.

Also, everyone should consider why none of us should ever rush dangerously into relationships that always required that we all appreciate each other's differences to begin with. In proving each other's standards, we are valuing each other's insight instead of overvaluing another's poor lack of insight or our own lack of insight for that matter. What it is that I know is going to keep me at a safe distance to work with everyone is that I personally will never be in a relationship with people who can't appreciate everyone's differences ever again unless I'm still trapped in those relationships like a lot of other people are(and at least I know I'm not alone anymore). Anyways, all of this psychology dives so deeply into so many social, political, and economic issues, so of course, a conversation like this will bleed over into these other subjects, driving so many different conversations we can have(while we all hopefully attempt to continue to try to remain on the topic to the best of our abilities). Please, look into these sources if you are more interested in the subjects. Social psychology is actually pretty cool, and so is a little bit of individual psychology to go along with it.

So, yeah, alright, while we hopefully keep remaining on the topic in general in mind, I have like, so much more I could say about games and life, and how they challenge our perspective(especially our perspective of rewards). With this whole topic that's been stated, I'm still really interested in what the rest of the community might say at this point.