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I love GML so...

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While it is possible to make 3D games with GMS, but I believe there are better engines out there. I love GML, I could easily understand how it works with little programming experience, sure there are still some in-depth stuff I do not know.

So does anyone know any 3D engine that uses similar approach in scripting instead of requiring you to use a certain programming language? I tried Godot but I just couldn't understand the language.


It's because none of the other engines offer their own scripting languages(or do, but not as easy as GML). You must use a major programming language of their selection to make games. Unity or Godot do exactly what Game Maker does, convert codes. What you write as GML is converted to Javascript when exporting to HTML5. At the end of the day, both get the same results!

But the potential of the language makes it neither beginner level, nor professional. It's either for easy/intermediate level programmers or for those who want to make games faster.


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