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Android I Hate Dots! an experiment in minimalism


Marko Raos




Here's my attempt at making a valid and entertaining game from as simple a gameplay concept as possible. I've got a full drive of half-finished "big" (read "complicated" ) personal GMS projects so I decided to take a break and do something really different (at least for me) in my spare time. The idea was to take something as basic as "tap dots on screen" and polish the execution and provide enough different variants on the theme to make it fun and maybe even addictive.

So, now it's in open beta on Google Play and I'd really appreciate any feedback, especially on the two key issues - user flow through menus (i do think it's still kinda fiddly but I'm out of ideas how to make it smoother while retaining all the options) and game difficulty, especially in Arcade Mode. Once the thing goes live I won't have the opportunity to tweak the difficulty or I'll risk angering my players (and we don't want to do that, highscores and all). Of course any other feedback is greatly appreciated, graphics, sound, weird suggestions and ideas...

Oh and btw, it seems the game lends itself quite readily to social play (old school - pass it around, see who can do better..) maybe add something to lead players to that?

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Marko Raos

New update (still in open beta stage)

- tweaked menus and general UI flow
- added Play Now! shortcut button to main menu
- brief instructions before a level begins for the first time
- sound volumes adjusted
- options buttons now in pause screen
- few minor bugs removed

Still not sure about the name. "Hate" is such a strong word in English. Maybe "I Love Dots!" or just "Tap the Dots!". I'm looking for something punchy and direct, just like the game...