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Discussion I got a slot! (You can to)


Very excited this morning to find new slots available after learning about GMS2 yesterday.

Unfortunately I'm at work all day, but can't wait to start digging into this and hopefully find some bugs to report - is there still a specific place to report them?

There were 138 more slots available when I checked, but they are probably going fast.


They will be opening more in the future, they're just opening a few hundred at a time.


That sucks Rujik - I can only imagine what you would accomplish with Studio2 after seeing some of your project (it looks amazing). Keep checking, I now have to wait 8 hours to get home and try it out. My initial thoughts were I don't want to move from Studio, but after looking at so many of the features that I have dreamed of forever I can't wait to dive in.


It's just a demo so you can't do anything with it yet. No real point in not just waiting for the public release.