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Question - IDE I don't have my game's yyp, but I have exe & win and I want to decomiple it

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Hi, I'm coming here with pretty unusual question. So, I was working on an undertale fan-game, but my hard drive broke. I still have game's exe and win files because I uploaded it on mediafire. I'm not sure how can I prove I made it, but I have many screenshots of me working on game in gms2 and screenshots of game itself (it's worth saying that game's not published). So is there any way to decompile it? Or maybe could yoyogames help me with this?


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This is unfortunately not a topic we can allow to discuss here as it breaks the end-user license agreement. I'm afraid your only option to get your source back is to take it from a backup. If you have none... this is the definitive sign to start making backups.

You can of course try contacting the helpdesk, but I can't make any guarantees that they will assist you with this.
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