I do not know if it's worth continuing this game, Need advice.



HIi everyone. i started making this game a year ago just for fun, the idea was to make a platform game that requires thinking to pass the levels, like a puzzle game. I am at a point where I find it a bit boring to keep making it, I need sincere opinions, if someone seems a good idea or can evolve into something better, for now I am about to abandon the project and simply share it with you in case someone finds it interesting or something.


Snapshot3.jpg snapshot5.jpg snapshot4.jpg

it is quite simple, the yellow posion allows you to jump higher, the blue position makes you immune to lazers, the gray position makes you immune to spikes and the red position makes you immune to spearheads.
-Pressing N you can jump to the next level if you wish, with the letter R you reset the level.

This is the stand alone executable:

I can upload the source code if someone is interested (GMK Studio 1.4+)


Maybe youre finding it boring to make because you may have overworked yourself? Just take a month long break and get back to it refreshed. Just finish what youve started and release it.... to do justice to the hours youve already spent on it!
It seems pretty neat and that you put a lot of work into it. Like the others have said, you should probably take a break for a bit and then come back to it. Also, how much more is there to make? It seems like the game could be almost done... let that weigh in on whether or not to quit making it.


Just make sure you don't do as I have done many times in the past. That is start a concept, make it a decent game, get bored or tired of it. Then it sits on your hard drive and never gets released. Next you start another concept and it all repeats itself. I've definitely gotten better at breaking this habit through the years. I have learned to just finish games and release them. Now I have successfully released more games then I ever thought.

One thing that has helped me, I sometimes have 2 or 3 projects going on at once. If I get bored of working on one, I work on the other. Then I go back to the other. Another thing is simply taking a break for a little while and just doing other things.
Try taking a break and returning.

If that doesn't work, ask yourself why you're making it.
- If it's for fun, ditch it and work on a new project (but maybe reuse parts that can be put into the new game). I've done this many times before, once on a project, I had worked on for over two years (on and off). It's somewhat a shame, but if your point is to have fun making games, then don't burn yourself out on a project you're not having fun making.
- If it's to publish a game, then stick it out, or figure out a way to lower the scope so you can finish it faster.


Try and get a playable demo on Itch and other places. Maybe get some small youtubers to play it.

It might help with motivation (before and after) as well as giving you feedback.

That's my intention with my RPG. Get all the crazy mishmash mechanics done and release it upon unsuspecting beta/alpha testers.