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HTML5 I bought GMS2 Web ... need help


Hey folks. I just bought GMS2 Web through Steam. My Steam account is linked on my YoYo Games website profile.

1) How do I get GMS2 Web to show up on my purchased products list on my YoYo website profile page?

2) GMS2 Web seems incredibly similar to GMS2 Desktop … does this mean I can just stop using Desktop and carry on with Web version?

3) Is there a manual for Web version? I am absolutely stumped what to do with it because it is identical to GMS2 Desktop - I cannot see any new reference to publishing to HTML5

4) How do I publish my test project to HTML5?

It;'s weird, I just spent £115 on the Web version and I cannot for the life of me see what is different ……….


BTW - when GMS2 Web loads, it does not show that GMS2 Web is loading up - it just appears to be GMS2 Desktop.
Have you tried logging out from GMS2 and logging back in again. This should update your license details then you will be able to see the HTML target options.

The IDE is exactly the same for all versions, the different licenses just unlock different targets.


Thanks for your reply Indiana, Yes I did that after reading about it on the forums but it didn’t work. After I bought Web I then had two listings of GMS in my Steam library, one for Desktop and one for Web and they were both exactly the same.

I wonder if YoYo manually assign licenses when they are in the office. I hope so, because I don’t see any way of getting Web up and running myself.
This might have been fixed already, but the Steam version of GMS 2 used to require you to set your chat/friends list status to online in order for GMs to detect your were logged in.

Also, you could try linking your steam account to your yoyogames account and try downloading the standalone version.

If you don't have a yoyo games account, just go to their website and sign up for one.

Once you are logged in, in your account settings you can make the link.


I’ve since had a refund from Steam because it clearly was not working as it should. I will speak to YoYo later about the issue before buying it again.

I am always set to online in friends.
My Steam account was already linked.

I really appreciate your help Indiana, but I will have to speak with YoYo direct and see what the issue was.