Free I Am The King: My first project out now for Windows


Watch the trailer:

I Am The King is a 2D side-scrolling action game with flashy combos and over the top combat. Switch weapons and special moves on the fly to create your own custom stylish combos.

Customizing your controls before diving in is strongly suggested!
Check it out for free here:

Mac and Ubuntu versions coming soon!
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I can see that you developed this project to learn and invest yourself only, because this game with beautiful graphics will be very special. Well done and keep it up!
Thanks a lot! Yes, this was my first attempt at making a game. I started with no knowledge of game development and no experience with sprite art. I definitely want to revisit this project a few years later and remaster it! I'll keep at it. This is for sure not going to be my last project. Thanks again!


hey. your game plays well. Nice pixel art and animations.

The combat is excellent.

The only issue IMO is the key mapping.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just discovered that you can customize the key mapping. :D

Other than that:

- it might be nice to have save points or the ability to save and load games. I made a lot of progress, but after I died, I had to go back all the way to the start. So I lost interest.
- enemy health bars appear to be made with the default draw function in Gamemaker. Maybe you could use some sprites instead.
- tiles needs more work
- whats up with the tree attacking me? lol.
- Wall climbing and jumping could use a tutorial. Also using wall climbing to get to every door is a little annoying.

Anyway, good work. Hope you continue developing this!
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