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Portfolio - Art I am ready for art projects, YES I will do them for FREE!

Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by BigDC, May 7, 2018.

  1. BigDC

    BigDC Member

    Jan 23, 2018
    Hey all I am available to do art projects for games. I will do them for FREE just for the experience. I have very simple requests/stipulations.,.

    1. I am not looking or wanting to be a full team member.
    2. You allow me to display my finished pieces in my ArtStation.com protfolio
    2. No pixel art, and no demons, dragons, or religion pieces.
    3. You are flexible in your time limits and art requirements.

    You can view samples of my painted art here >>> https://www.artstation.com/pdavidcunningham
    You can view my earliest scenery paintings here >>> https://circlestudios.deviantart.com/
    You can view samples of my coloring of others art here >>> https://davidcunningham.deviantart.com/

    If interested, email me at: davidcunningham@email.com

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