I accidentally formed a game development team


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So its a funny story. I was at work, sat down next to a person who I talked to the entire shift. One point, he mentioned he plays music in a band. Thought I could share my other talent besides art so I told him I make videogames. He suddenly got surprised asked few questions regarding to any work Ive done. I show him my best game I ever made and suddenly ask if we can do something (actual game) since he could provide music. I suck at music so I couldnt resist on saying yes to that. He then asked someone else to join along who also a composer, and I felt happy about having helpping hands fpr future projects.

The next day, he ask me to gather phone numbers to a few people he recruited. He actually got a few voice actors, programmers, one of them is a producer, and he was about to get an actual GAME designer from Nintendo... Im like O-O!

I was not expecting all this to happen and now I have created a game development team by accident and we are in the middle of a real project for mobile marketing atm.

Right now everything seems to be fine though. I am okay with all this. And i manage to take control on what is going on. Keeping things organized and not so rushed. Everything is going on the right track this time.

Does anyone here have any advices for me, although Ive already ask thousand of people this before but like to ask here though.


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Don't rush stuff, and make sure your ideas are good and well thought out ideas before starting everything. If you're in a team, you can't just say "well this sucks" and end your project, only execute the best ideas.


can i join in?

my main advise would be to make sure you get everyone legally squared away, designate a holder for the game (could be a company or individual) and make sure that person ends up with everyone else doing work for hire, that way a dispute later wont split in half the work already done.

designate how the decisions are to be made, you could vote, use representatives, have one person decide but you need to have a system in place so conflicts in vision can be addressed

make sure everyone is out in the open about what they want out of this,

give credit where it is due.

try to limit the number of people working on the code itself to as few people as possible so that documentation can be consistent and you dont have people switching sections back and forth trying to fix each others bugs.

and make sure to find someone who has some kind of established contact with a publisher/marketing group, making the game is only half the battle.

but seriously if there is an opening i am curious, please do let me know. :)


The next step could be going to crowdfunding and making your project famous!;)


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There is NO MORE ROOM for more people. Dont ask, please! I had to put aside a few people for this project.

Also thanks for the advices everyone :)