Windows Huniepop-like Engine

Hey guys!
I want to make a game engine for Game Maker 8.1 based on the porn games Huniepop and Pussysaga. I know where to get the sprites, here is a YouTube video to show you the gameplay I want to recreate:
As you can see, it mixes the systems of the dating sim and the match-3. Can anyone tell me how I can get this done?


King of Raccoons

Well Huniepop was made in Unity but you could basically still do the same stuff in game maker

I'd use a ds_grid for the match 3 stuff
the rest can be used by sprites and mouse collisions for buttons,
as for date gifts and the phone that would be up to you but I'd focus on the match 3 first and get that working by itself


You have at least 2 other topics now where you threw out a vague game idea and expected an engine to be served to you on a silver platter. That's not how things work around here. Learn the basics of GML, then think about how they combine to execute your plan, then work most of it out yourself.


There isn't. If you want to understand how this works, watch for algorithms and general organizational patterns, not exact code to copy.


yeah odd combo a story driven game with match 3 but it looks pretty straight forward to me. Personally, I would upgrade if you going to throw it on steam for the integration, but otherwise the art heaviness of it is the hard part in my eyes anyways. It you are an art guy I think there are some match 3 samples floating around somewhere you could get some ideas from. Otherwise, you just need a data structure for navigating your position in the story.


This is kind of late...but I am working on a "game" that kind of resembles huniepop. I even did have match 3 in it at one point. I made a dialogue system that is probably a tad more complex then needed for huniepop. the characters have friendship/hate levels and you can hit different stages of what would be a unique dialogue scene with multiple choice answers, otherwise they just pick dialogue from a large array. I can Link the source code if you are still interested.

I warn you though, I am kind of a beginner and it is not the cleanest project.. and The game is about to be abandoned because lack of direction..