Humble Bundle Art Assets Available


Yep, got mine--highly recommended! Literally, thousands of sprites just waiting to come to life in a GameMaker creation! Not bad at all for $20 (or so if you desire to give more)!!!


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Licensing (for 1 or more projects) and repacking of the whole bundle issues may still apply.

Some even requested for a refund for it, coz of being too varied in quality and style, or simply being afraid of being the 15000th happy owner of another asset flip package.
Being one of those who had filed their concerns regarding the licensing of this bundle as there is no mention of the "one project" term on the Humble Bundle page, I've been following the progress on this. It seems like there are plans to amend the licensing model for bundle purchases retroactively. To quote GameDevMarket on the linked Reddit topic:
Just to give an update on this, we're bringing forward changes to our license terms for anyone who purchases this bundle which means that all assets included within the Humble Bundle can be used across multiple projects. We're going to be implementing these changes on our main site in the near future as we do appreciate the current terms are quite restrictive, but have brought this forward specifically for the bundle to allow multiple use.
I hope that there will be a clearer statement about this in the future, as "multiple projects" could just as well mean "two" instead of "one" rather than "as many as you want".


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I also remember being burned on the previous similar bundle a few years ago, where most of the assets had license files stating that they were either only licensed for RPG Maker, or a vague term that they could only be used in engines that "respected Degica's rights", whatever that means. I don't think any of the resources I actually want to use are possible to use, so it feels like a pretty big waste of money (except the "proceeds go to charity" part which helped soothe my saltiness... but I'm not sure if that's still a thing now when that big evil company bought Humble :p)

It's not that hard to find good-enough assets just checking sites like Freesound and OpenGameArt, and it's a lot less likely you'll be using those flipped assets that five million people just bought. Just lurk them regularly, check for stuff that seem relevant, slowly amass your own library of stuff that might be perfect one day, and keep notes of licensing terms alongside the resources. Especially for audio, there's plenty of reliable options... it's harder to get stock graphics that all fit together. But IMO getting a random bundle once per year is just gonna get you even less coherent things...


I may not be popular for saying this but it's actually not that good of a bundle. I've checked it out, yes it has a lot of variety, but it is, imho just an average sprite and audio bundle.