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I am a few months into designing a 2D platformer/fighter/RPG in GM Studio 1.4. I am doing so by myself and I am constantly spending a lot of time and effort on it when I'm not at work or school. There is now a playable demo. More info on that below. I have a lot planned for this game, here goes my attempt at putting most of my thoughts in one place.

The Plot
The whole idea of the game is that you are dropping out of college and moving back to your hometown. You have just enough money for one month of rent in a cheap apartment, so you must get a job. The game will revolve around getting better jobs and making more money to buy a better home, etc. However, there is a strange twist. Aliens are coming in the night and abducting people, particularly business owners, then dropping them back down. These people are brainwashed into brainwashing their employees and running their business in a cult-like manner. Basically you get your first job, find out what's going on, and are forced to fight off the mindless employees. The "boss" is the boss. They will have superpower mutations. Just cause. Aliens. After defeating the boss, you will have control of said business and be able to run it in some form, sell it, etc. That's the basics of it, and of course, in the end you'll have to save the world from aliens. Or at least you'll have the option.

The Gameplay
HR will be an open world with plenty of areas to explore and things to do. In the game you can switch between 3 layers. The video below shows this only for a brief moment. You have an inventory and you will collect raw materials to craft weapons, clothing, furniture, etc. - Or you will be able to buy these at shops. You start with an apartment, which you will get kicked out of if you somehow spend a month in-game without making rent. You will be able to talk to NPC's with their own dialogue trees, there will be the equivalent of side-quests, there will be leveling up/skills/perks, there will be animals, and there will be alien-mutated animals. The player can pick their hair style/color and skin tone at the beginning, and has inventory slots specifically for clothing. At the moment there are some sprites and a small amount of functionality for rifle-like guns, pistols, melee weapons, kicking, and grenades/other throwables. Unfortunately right now I would guess I only have somewhere around 40% of the fighting mechanics working as far as visuals and general functionality. I plan on getting to this soon, but I have been spending a lot of time on the RPG side of the game recently.

Here is a short video of the better stuff I have put in so far. (Yes, I know the moon isn't working right).

Also, I forgot to include it in the video, but you can stack filing cabinets, so that's pretty sweet:


UPDATE 2/20/2019:
Today I added a few things, the biggest one being a basic character creation screen (shown below). Unfortunately I have been very busy with the struggles of daily life and having been very sick for a while. This has pushed back a lot of work I have wanted to get done on HR, meaning that my original goals for releasing a playable version could not be met. But don’t worry, no matter how long it takes I am always working on this when I have the time. Just keep an eye on this page and your email if you are signed up for early access.


UPDATE 1/25/2019:

Just added clothing in! It was a real pain, but I am very pleased with how it turned out. Here is a video I made in my excitement:

How To Try It
If you are interested and want to receive the .exe files for each alpha update as I make it, please add your email to the list:

I will release updates whenever I feel that I have added a substantial amount of content. Also keep in mind that the game is in a very, very early stage right now and I am still building a lot of the base mechanics. I am mostly posting this to see what people think. For now, think of it more as some interactive concept art. All feedback/advice is welcome and encouraged.

DISCLAIMER: A few sprites and backgrounds/tiles in this game are not mine and would be changed if I ever did anything official with this game. At the moment this is more of a hobby project than anything else, but one that I take seriously.

- Tuna
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Looks very interesting and I love the inventory sprites! keep up! I have submitted my email and look forward to playing your game!