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HTML5 http_request not working anymore on HTML5 Target GMS2



I'm trying to make a post request to a json api with the following code in GameMaker 2 html5 target.

Create event of object:


Asyc http event:


Unfortunately I got the following error:


This only happens with HTML5 target export, when on Windows it works just fine.

Also the weird thing here is that using GameMaker 1.14 both HTML5 and Windows targets it works fine.

Seems like it's a bug.

I'm short in time to elaborate more right now so I will let 2 example project files (gms1 and gms2) in this post so you can give them a review, will also try to make a bug report later.

Example files (Google Drive): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1prJu0ePxoTb4mFtvbJXzqmcTiLPLWiDW?usp=sharing