HTML5 HTML5 export - game window being 'selected' when moving player on iPad.


Hello there,

I'm having an issue with the HTML5 version of my game when I run it via iPad Safari. I have on-screen controls and when I want to move my player left, the user keeps their finger on the left button (obvs, right?). However, this also has the effect of 'selecting' the entire game window within the browser page and giving it a blue selection shade like its waiting for you to copy/paste it!

Works fine on a PC browser, but that wasn't really the reason I bought the HTML5 export.

I can't think of a way around this as I assume its a tablet browser thing?

Any suggestions?



Hi, this seems to be a problem of Safari (and maybe other browsers) for mobile devices and can be avoided via CSS. I found something in one of my older projects:
eimie's Storehouse Builder

(Right click to show the source will not work, because the canvas fills the entire window. So copy-paste this: view-source: )

So try to add this code into the <head>-section of your HTML:

canvas {
    touch-action: none;
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