HTML5 build: Fragment shader compilation problem on Chrome



I am currently trying to do some performance tests with HTML5, so I have made a very minimalist project that includes:
- 0 sprite
- 2 objects which draw text, one resizing the game window to somehow fit the browser size
- 1 room with a black background and one instance of each objects mentionned earlier.
- No custom shader

I've then uploaded it to a famous HTML5 game platform, with private access only.
On Firefox, on my computer, the game is working perfectly.
On Chrome on my computer, it is working perfectly also.
On Firefox, on my Android tablet, the game is working (well, at approximately 40 fps instead of 60, but that may be another subject and this is the kind of performance that I am trying to assess with my project).
On Chrome on my Android tablet, I have the following error :
"Could not compile fragment shader
ERROR:0:1: 'highp' : precision is not supported in fragment shader

Does anybody have any idea on how to solve this problem? :)

Firefox and Chrome from my tablet normally support WebGL, as I have made the test by visiting
WebGL is set to "Auto-detect"in the project settings.
Chrome is up to date on my tablet.
I don't think that the problem comes from the website on which I've uploaded my project neither.

P.S. I am working on Game Maker Studio 2