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HTML5 HTML5 Build Broken in some devices (not code related)



I'm making a game that targets Desktop and HTML5. Until this morning, my HTML5 build worked fine using the "play" button in the IDE, however, this afternoon it started to not work anymore, displaying a half broken first room (some features works, others, don't) with errors on the browser console. I tried to isolate the problem to code issues, but not even running older codes that I DO KNOW that are fine, is working. Here is what I tried to do:

- Tried running on Debug Mode (the debug stopped working days ago with same issue)
- Tried Cleaning GM and Project Cache
- Tried Disabling Firewall and Antivirus
- Tried creating a local package and importing it as a new project in another computer
- Tried older project versions that were previously fine
- Tried removing all objects from the first room (if there are no objects, it's fine, but if it has any object, it breaks)
- Tried running on Firefox, Edge and Opera (it works just in Opera)
- Tried doing a full fresh install of GM
- Tried uploading it to my website (it works only in some devices, like my cellphone and laptop Opera, but not on my laptop Firefox nor my girlfriend's Opera)

This problem occurs only on HTML5 platform, Desktop works fine. Would like some advice in what alternatives do I have!

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