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Question - IDE HTML5 browser.exe choice?!


Good evening!

In GM1 was an option to change the browser, which would be used to test-run the project - I could not find it in the GM2 preferences. If I was just blind, pardon me. I guess now the Windows-set standard browser is used.

I would really like that option back! One might use one browser for everyday-stuff and have another browser with better dev-tools installed, for example the Firefox-dev-edition. I also used to create and provide an empty .txt and name it dont-start.exe. This way the browser won't start up anew with every recompilation and the already opened window with already opened dev-tools can just be refreshed.

Any chance for reimplementation?

Best regards


Oh well, it was a long day. Thank you for the link, Nocturne! Multiple browsers sounds good. I'm not at home, so only in the case that this isnt already implemented, too: What about an "Don't open new browser windows if one is open and set focus to it" option? Or just flash that window instance on the taskbar when compilation has finished. Or both, settable via checkboxes! That would be great! ^^'



I would love to see an option for specifying additional parameters to the browser on that screen. That way we can specify options such as private browsing and opening in a new window ourselves, while also enabling integration with other tools such as deployment scripts.


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Feel free to file a bug report making these suggestions... The target manager and device manager are new to GMS2 and as such can (and will) be changed and added to. :)