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HTML5 Box2D games doesn't work in 1.4.1772


Tomas Frinta

Hi, it looks like physics_world_create() doesn't work anymore in HTML5 GMS 1.4.1772. How can this version can be marked as "stable"? Does someone know about a workaround?


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
Could you post more information? What are you doing exactly? What error are you getting? Do you have a simple test project that you can share that shows the issue?

There have been changes made to the HTML5 target lately, but (afaik) nothing that should affect physics...


predictably random
Forum Staff
This isn't a new bug. It's the same bug from the previous stable GMS 1.4 release, still unfixed apparently. Box2d doesn't run in HTML5, although it worked fine in much earlier versions.

This was reported and discussed before. HTML5 throws an "undefined variable" error upon initializing the physics world, and then freezes.

This was acknowledged by Daniel Cleaton on the Mantis system. It was said to be "fixed internally" and waiting for a new release. Unfortunately, this latest release still appears to have the same bug.

The good news is that Box2d runs fine under HTML5 in the EA version (and in Studio 2, of course).
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