How would you manage the level design of this game?



Hi guys! So, the player is a cursor who has to get to the other side of the level keeping moving over the white surfaces, and avoiding one single pixel to touch the background. I'm currently writing the GDD of the game, and now it's time to define all the surfaces kinds and variation as well as the diferent shapes and how will they be managed.

With the management of the level design I want to talk about how do you would build the levels in the room. I mean, I actually don't design the levels yet, but I think define que way in which they're builded before making the levels, may save me of a lot of troubles in the future. So what's the way would you do it? You know, would you save all the white surfaces together ass a png for every level and make an sprite and an object for every one? (this could be confusing, specialy with the moving surfaces), or you would keep everything as little pieces manipulable? (This way would limit the level diversity, all hallways, platforms and levels would look the same)
This is my first real formal game, so I want it to be the best I can, but as I have never made a real game, I have not worked lots of levels and lots of diferent objects. For that reason I'm sking you for help guys. Thanks!


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I would make the levels of small parts you puzzle together so you can reuse stuff, this will only ever save you work (at least if you have a simple-enough system to add new ones). You can move small parts around any way you see fit, including rotating them; having one subimage for every state of every level not only uses an obscene amount of VRAM, it limits your ability to tweak stuff down the line severely (if you realize you need to move a bit or make a platform wider you'll need to redraw every single subimage).