Opinion How would/have you named your kids, and why?


〜Flower Prince〜
Kids, love 'em or hate 'em.... I pick the first.
I see them as beautiful blank pages, all with the potential to become beautiful books. Not stinky crybabies.

In the future, I would love to have kids, but in the Paradise (I'm religious), not this world, but let's ignore that and not make this a religious debate.

What is always so exciting to think about is how I will name my kids. Names do have a huge impact on the life of a kid and can affect their personalities greatly, I don't have sources, but I've read it before. We can also discuss this fact if anyone knows more about this, or would like to share some interesting articles about names. You can also discuss or give your opinion on what makes a "good name", I think it is easy to remember, no prejudges, and nice sounding.

Let's limit us to two boys names and two girls names if we don't have kids yet. And if any of you already has kids, I'm curious to hear what names and why you have given them!

I personally dislike very common names such as "Chad", "Jack", "Emma" and so on, not at all because they're bad names, they're good names! But because I hear them so much. You can call me a "name-hipster". If they were bad names, they wouldn't have been used.
There's such a huge spectrum of good sounding names, so why limit yourself to common names? There are so many cultures and countries full of good names, you just need to do some research.

A very long time I've wanted to name any of my kids "Rayquaza" after the cool Pokémon, but I figured it would not be such a good idea since people will not remember it... But it's still an epic name. In the same way, "Xochiquetzal" seems very epic, and is also Aztec, the culture Rayquaza is based off. But again, it won't be remembered, and associating my kid with an evil Pagan God is not so good.
A funny boys name would be "Fartman" but it's obvious why it would be a bad idea.
Another idea I had would be "Ultimecia", a FINAL FANTASY final boss, but it would be kind of elitist to call my kid literally "ultimate", but I still kinda consider it.
"Aurora" and "Angelica" were also previous considerations, but my conclusions have gotten priority over them.

So I've come to these conclusions:
I would love my daughter 1 to be named "Lilith", especially if she has black hair. It sounds super epic, is easy to remember, and means "of the night", how cool is that?
Daughter 2 would be named Solaris, especially if she is blonde. I love everything to do with the sun or solar stuff, and this name means "Sun". I've also made and painted a character called "Solaris", and it's part of a lore I'm making, that I want to develop a game about in the future.

I would name my son 1 "Sephiroth", named after FINAL FANTASY VII baddie. It is again a super epic name, named after my favourite fictional character of all time. It is like Lilith derived from Hebrew / Jewish language and beliefs, which is very interesting, even though I'm not Jewish.

And I'm still not so sure about son 2.... or maybe I don't remember what I had planned. I prefer daughters over sons lol...

But let's see if my wife agrees with these decisions! Anyone got stories concerning that?

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The Sentient

I am renaming my son to 'Jesus Christ'. He responds to that better whenever he breaks something I just bought.

Runs his bike along the side of our new $55K car we have owned for two days, deeply scratching all the panels.

"Jesus Christ!!"

"Yes, Dad?"


I have no idea if you're serious because it's absurd, but do not name your kid Sephiroth. Might as well call your next sons Ganondorf, Vegeta and Megatron.

As for me, I'm also not a fan of super common names, and I would like to resurrect a dead name, like if I had a daughter I'd like to name her Beatrix.

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i won't be having kids but this thread gave me a pause and made me reevaluate my life. what would little hipstercapitalists be like? how many would i have? and most importantly, what would they be called?

if they cry and whine a lot i'd name it "Preston Garvey" for sure. and i'd have a few named "Trout Soup", "Will Smith", "Peanut Butter", "Cranberry Juice", and "RX-70 [G] ez8 Gundam", respectively. i can't think of any other good names though so i guess 6 is the max amount of kids i could have. \:


〜Flower Prince〜
I have a feeling this topic will derail into a joke name topic, and I like it!
But I hope some serious posts will be made :p

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I have a feeling this topic will derail into a joke name topic, and I like it!
But I hope some serious posts will be made :p
they may seem like jokes but those are some of my most favorite things in the world. what better thing to name my child other than the things i adore most? <3 <3 <3


Aaron junior
Because my dad would lose his marbles if there was more than one Aaron in the family.
So technically he will be called Aaron junior wise

Jokes aside maybe Luke
Cool popular name
My dad’s name is Andrew wise and he works at Samsung
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The Village Idiot
Easy, just name it every sequence of words it will ever need to use in life, an 80 year long name. That way when it says its own name it will logically continue a happy life until death.


I have two daughters and one more on the way.

My eldest daughter is Lilith Veruca and her little sister is Penny Jean. My wife chose our first daughters name based on the mythology behind the name Lilith. I named our second daughter. I wanted to carry on my grandmother's name "Patricia Jean" but my aunt is already named Patricia and my wife and I weren't fond of the idea of calling our daughter "Patty" for short so we changed the first name to Penny since it isn't too common a name and we thought it sounded cute. My grandmother went by Jean anyway so the Patricia part wasn't critical.

We're still working out the name of our daughter who will be here in 3 months. We're considering going with a Welsh name since we've both got Welsh ancestry. We've got a very rare last name which is somewhat German. It was my wife's maiden name but I took her name since there are less than 70 people worldwide with her name and my last name was very common and I don't really maintain a relationship with anyone from that side of my family anyway.


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My oldest son is named Aser, which comes from the Hebrew for "blessed" or "happy"... that was my wife's choice, so when my second son came around it was for me to choose and I chose Kai. This name means lots of things in lots of languages, but I really chose it because it was the name of the son of this badass:


And if I'd had a girl I'd have called her Morrigan. I think that's one of the most beautiful names in the world, although the mythology behind it is somewhat grim!


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I would named my child the entire 1933 propaganda speech by A. Hitler, regardless of their gender, because that way, people would eventually get encourged into starting WW3
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My 5yo daughter is called Violeta and my (almost) 2yo son is called Emilio. They are half Portuguese half Chilean so we wanted something that sounded the same in Portuguese and Spanish and wasn't too common yet not too weird! We are happy with both names :)
The game I'm working right now has a character called Emil and another called Violet, based on them :)

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I always wanted a daughter, and if I ever had one, I would call here Annette because I really love that name, and I want the sweetest girl to have the sweetest name.
Two daughters here. 7yo is called Ziva. 3yo is called Michonne.

Both names come from TV show characters we liked, and were happy with the meanings behind the names. We also wanted names that were slightly less common than usual.

Ziva - from NCIS
Michonne - 3 guesses which show!

Alex Lyons

If my child was a girl, I'd make her name the same as my wife.

"Hey, [x]! Grab Daddy another cherry coke from the fridge!"

That way, I get two cherry cokes!


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I see them as beautiful blank pages all with the potential to become beautiful books
In actual parenting, you start out with crumpled, torn, or smudged pages. Best you can do is try editing the first few chapters and hope they turn into a couple of reasonable paragraphs later on.

As for names, for our first one we didn't have a clue what to pick. We read out a First Names Dictionary (dated 1983) from A to Z during our very last child-free holiday to see which we liked, came up with a shortlist of seven or eight agreeable ones, and then chose the one we thought would not make 5 kids turn their heads when the name is called out in a busy schoolyard.

For the second, I simply gave up and let my wife decide.
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Cantavanda Junior. Keep it basic if you cant choose.

Or If you like a great name which represents some historical figure:

Donald John Trump
Floyd Joy Mayweather Junior
Joseph Stalin

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
Melania Knauss
Princess Diana
Kate Barker
Lara Craft


Girls name
Why? Because who could imagine the principal saying “Angel to the principal’s office”


I would, from the moment of the child's birth instill a sense of belonging by constantly asking the child what his or her name is and where he or she came from, until I got answers. I find it rude when people don't introduce themselves properly.