GMS 2 How works the Steam Archivments


I tried a lot but I can not get any achievements on Steam in my game.

I wrote this keyboard_check function, which also worked when I swapped the Archivment command with a sound effect that should be played as soon as I press the "O" key. To test whether the function is called at all and even works itself.

The button prompt with the "O" button worked fine with the sound, but ignoring the command instead of the sound that should trigger the archive on Steam, he simply ignores it when I start the game on Steam ...

Here is a picture of the Steamworks achievement "DevTest" which I also used in the code below:

Game Maker Studio 2 code for unlocking the Steam Achievement:
The key inquiry takes place in a "StepEvent" and after the code, should actually as soon as the key "O" is pressed on the Tastertur. The Achievement are triggered by Steam. But what did I do wrong or overlook? Because nothing at all happens with Achievements in Steam ...