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Question - IDE How to use the new features in the room editor?



From the release notes for the lasts update:
"Room Editor: Rectangle, line and fill tile tools added (these do not yet do auto-tiling)"

First of all, this is great! The thing that I disliked the most about GM:S1 was that I needed to work with Tiled or compromise for a really bad editor, but now it has almost anything I used Tiled for. The selection tool was the most important feature for me.

So my question is, how do you actually use these features?

BTW, a feature that would be super awsome would be painting inside the room editor on a background layer.


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first.... they are tools on the toolbar at the top in the room editor (when on a tile layer). Pick one.

Second, keep open the room editor in a separate desktop and then as you paint the background in the image editor you should see it change in the room editor at once, allowing you to paint "with context" if you need to.


Thanks you for the reply!
I didn't notice it because I don't have tiles in my project yet and I thought I could also use it for objects. Too bad you can't because I use objects as my platforming colliders. I guess I would have to give the tile-based collision system a try, but this system looks a bit limiting.
About the second thing, this sounds like a good solution, but it could be a bit inconvenient on my laptop which has a small screen. I´ll give it a try though. I see it also works with sprites, that's cool.