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Legacy GM How to turn off auto save of project in game maker studio?



Does anybody know where I can turn off the autosave function of my project in Game Maker Studio v1.4?



If you mean the automatic backups, you can disable them in File -> Preferences -> General tab.

If you mean the save that happens when you run, that can't be turned off since GMC compiles from the actual project directory. If you want an easy way to revert, either manually save a copy before building, use source control, or leave "Enable backup on run/debug/create" on in Preferences.


thanks alot for this very usefull information.

i used gm7, gm8, and early versions of game maker studio where i always had to save manual. the problem is now if i delete the wrong item for example, i cant reserve the action which sometimes causes alot of timeloss to remake.
tested it, and it is indeed true that the project is automatilly saved every time i run / test the game and this cant be turned off even by disabling 'backup on run/debug/create' & disabling 'automatic backups'.

i dont have any knowledge yet how to use or what source control does, but its worth to do some research for it!
untill then i guess the only option is to manual save my project over time to time.