GML How to share the path function to multiple objects ?



I want to make a path function in a parent object so the child object could use it to.I've tried many things but it seems the path function could only apply to one object at a time.

Luckily i've stumbled upon this tutorial:

If you don't have the patient i'll expain:

Basically the guy told me to make a base object,create a target object in it and assign the path to the target,then let the child object chase that target via a user defined event.

The thing is that i also need to stop the object in the middle of the path,but when i do the target won't stop with the child object .So when the child moves again,he'll try to go out of the path to chase the target.Even when i've manage to stop the target(and also make it move again),it'll go out of sync with the child and even slows the game down.

What more efficient way i can do this ? What should i do if i want to stop the child in the middle of the path ?