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Legacy GM how to save progress if Studio freezes

hi, has happened to me multiple times, i exit the sprite editor and the program freezes. havent saved the project in some time since it auto saves upon testing and i dont want it to save before i know everything is fine and done correctly. now the Studio sits there saying 'program doesnt respond' and i know it never will, when i close it lose hours worth of work. is there any way to make it respond, or to save the unsaved project. seems kinda hopeless but if there is please respond!


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Not really. Unresponsive program means unresponsive program - not much you can do about it, aside from pre-emptive saving.


You can't salvage unsaved data from a freeze or crash. The only thing you can do is to save often, such that any losses can be recouped with minor additional work.

Source control can help with these kinds of workflows:
  • When you work on a new sprite, open a new branch and switch to it.
  • Whenever you reach a point where the additions/changes look like a good checkpoint (doesn't have to be final), save and commit.
  • If you don't like your latest change, just revert and keep working.
  • When you are finally done, go back to the original branch and then do a squashed merge (i.e. git merge --squash).
Then you can limit your losses to the span between checkpoints, while the final result will still look as though you did it all in one go.


This happening every time your using gms2? Try checking your PC processes, maybe you got a lot going on in the background from other apps that results in making gamemaker become unresponsive. I kept getting same sort of thing, so I just make sure I haven’t got a lot running at the same time, the unresponsive became a lesser thing, but does happen on the odd occasion. Worse when I got a lot tabs open on my chrome, it’s more my weak power PC than GM. Defo save often, and create duplicates of anything you plan on modifying, back ups are always with anything and everything. One of the things that worked for me when gm become unresponsive was to open the task manager to end task, but not actuallly ending the task, just opening the task manager window was enough to get it to start responding, but just enough for me to save what I had done. Might not work for you, but it did for me thankfully. Not sure how or why it worked but I didn’t care. Saved me a few times.