Steam How to run and connect your game with Steam?


should I export my game as setup or as zip. if I want to upload it on Steam?
And how do my Game connect with the steam function's? how should steam know if the Player should got know a archievment ? I know about the code command: "steam_get_achievement". But how should this commandline connect with the player his steam account? I think it need definitely more than only a codeline in my game to connect with the player steamaccount to unlock my archievment...
but what do I all need for this and what do I need in addition everything if I want to publish my game on steam?
Use zip when exporting for Steam. But for your game to work with Steam, first you need to register as a developer and pay the $100 fee to get an app ID. Then in your project settings enable steam and enter the app ID. I think you need to upload at least one build for Steam features to start working, but once you do, then every time you play the game (even testing through GM) it will connect to steam. To give players achievements you use