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SOLVED How to return to older IDEs?



I am using Steam, and - optimistic as I was - downloaded the new 2.3 Update.

Unfortunately the update broke an essential function I needed (Bug had been reported a week ago or so, so I was hoping they might've fixed it already, unfortunately not) - so I kinda have to roll back to 2.2.x again.

Problem: I can't exactly do that. I can't switch to an older Runtime if the IDE is 2.3, it outright prevents me from doing so for understandable reasons. I figured that I could maybe find older versions of the GMS2 IDE on Yoyo's website and just install those separately, but as it appears only 2.3 is available to download and there isn't a list of older IDEs.

This leaves me in quite a bad situation, and peeking into the Discord, it appears that others appear to have this problem aswell.

Any ideas what to do? Hopefully I didn't overlook the option of downloading other IDEs if it's available.

EDIT: I am blind. The downloads are here: https://gms.yoyogames.com/ReleaseNotes.html