How to report forum software issues the PROPER way!


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Due to the request of a honorable forum moderator, and from certain users miss using the status update. Thanks to the success of my last guide [How to PM a user the PROPER way!]

-Today I will show you how to report forum software issues, as It would seem a few people have this issue (ie: posting on profiles as a public status update instead of using the appropriate topic).

  1. Navigate to the Community Chat section of the forums (if you are reading this you've already completed this step, great job!)1.png
  2. Click on the "OFFICIAL Updated Forum Issues" Topic2.png
  3. Write your forum issue, please make sure that no one else as reported the issue, unless the issue has resurfaced again3.png
And There you are! Hopefully this guide can help us improve this community even farther.

I'd like to give special thanks to @Nocturne for all the hard work he has done on this forum, no this isnt a April fools joke, well it is but my thanks is not.
I have only been a member for around 2-3 years, and every time I log onto the site, Im greeted by creative people, and always have a smile on my face, and laugh while showing off some interesting stuff I've made using GameMaker
2020 might have started off on a rocky start but im so glad I still have the GMC to keep me company during these difficult times. Nocturne Im so thankfull for this forum and im so thankful for gamemaker and the amazing people I've met because of it.
Cheers for many more and wild years to come!
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