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Windows How to remove this message

Discussion in 'GameMaker Studio 2 Community Tech Support' started by Francisco, Jul 24, 2018.

  1. Francisco

    Francisco Member

    Jul 27, 2016
    Good evening,
    I know the reason this image is appearing is because my game is for android, it has googlemobileads and I'm testing on windows.


    I have to click 10 times on ok.
    After that the game runs perfectly, without the ads obviously.
    This slows down the tests too much.
    Does anyone know how to hide this?
  2. YellowAfterlife

    YellowAfterlife ᴏɴʟɪɴᴇ ᴍᴜʟᴛɪᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀ Forum Staff Moderator

    Apr 21, 2016
    This usually happens when a non-desktop extension is marked to be used for desktop, as result causing GMS to attempt loading it as a DLL (without success).

    Check the extension properties.
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