GML How to put piece of code in a variable or argument?


Hello, I am trying to put some code into an argument of a script how can I do it?

This is how I want to call the script:
change_script(1, 2, global.military_point = global.military_point + 3, global.economic_point = global.economic_point + 3);

This is inside of the script:

var unique_id = argument[0];
var choice_number = argument[1];
var script0 = argument[2];
var script1 = argument[3];

This way is not working.

Is there any way to do it?


what do you need to do with it?
There is no way to do what you want and what you put will either return true or false (0 or 1) depending on if they are equal
global.military_point = global.military_point + 3;
global.economic_point = global.economic_point + 3;
change_script(1, 2, global.military_point, global.economic_point);
the code above will set global.military_point and economic point, then pass them into the script.

Whatever you're trying to do I'm sure IS possible but not by passing code as an argument.


You can pass the id of a script and then use script_execute to run it. That's the easiest way to do it. Write every possible "code argument" as a script and pass the script id.


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You can't store code in variables right now. This functionality is introduced with the 2.3 beta.

Nonetheless, I do have to ask: What do you need this for? There is likely a simpler solution for it (which would work even now).