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for the last couple years ive been developing a game...and maybe game is the wrong term...but stick with me for a minute.
it's a text based game played through text msges. and yes I mean simple txt msges sent from mobile phones.
what started as a bunch of tech wizardry that I was told wouldn't work, I had a working game using my computer as a game server and the game being written in php to finally being able to rewrite the whole thing in gms for android.

the issues im facing is how to present/explain something that isn't the mainstream.

asof currently the goal of this game will be the ability for ppl to play/create text based game worlds on there phone and host these games to be played via sms txt msges. but at the same time you can simply play it single player without any of the sms stuff.

if you wanna see the wow factor of this. download the apk in my signature, run it, click 'sms server' at bottom, and have someone send a txt msg to your phone.

im looking for any and all thoughts on this concept, but mostly on how to present the concept of this new way to game.

-thanks for your time.


a new way to MUD? cool!

I didn't have the time to write much last night so I'll type it now.

Visual aids in a video would be the best way to explain something new like this in my opinion.

You could start with a picture of somebody typing a text message on their phone and then cut to a computer screen showing what happens, then show other people texting and how that affects the game and show peoples reactions to it.
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