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Question - IDE How to mirror in pixel edit? Or how to combine frames?



Hello, I am trying to mirror a pixel art within the pixel editor.

I notice the tool that looks like this: <|> but it seems when I click it, it does not remain highlighted and instead I am still using the regular pencil tool.

I have also made a duplicate frame of what I want to mirror and gone to Image and then Mirror and then Selected Frame, and that works, but the problem is I cannot seem to figure out how to merge those two frames.

I also tried duplicating the layers, but still stuck here as the Mirror option is only for frames.

Thank you for any help.


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
The mirror/flip tools affect the BRUSH. So select the area you want to flip or mirror, then use Cut/Copy to turn it into a brush. You can then click the mirror/flip buttons to change the brush and "paint" it back into the frame.