Graphics How to Make a Water Shader


Udemy Instructor
GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2
Target Platform: ALL that support shaders
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You might've seen my recent reflection assets. Some people requested a tutorial on how I did it. Since I won't go into everything that went into making those assets, here's a simple tutorial showing how I made that shader.



Oh how cool, I was making something similar to these but my work needs a little improvement.
Is there something about this that's different for how it works in GMS 2? I followed the video in GMS 1 and couldn't get it to work, as there was an error message about values not being defined.

I imagined the shader commands would be the same, but perhaps it has some other commands / functions that are not compatible?
Ah - I don't still have the project set up to replicate the error. I have another water shader to use, but yours seemed to be easier to understand. Thanks anyway.