How to make a hyperlight drifter like cutscene?



so i am an animator and im working on a small project. ive had this idea of a while where, in 2d games, instead of a cutscene being ingame sprites moving on their own, what if it was whole new 8 bit sprites moving and animating like a cartoon (with much less frames than an animation of course.) like in the game Another World for the snes. hyperlight drifter came out and i was sooooo happy to see that they've done this. they made the cutscenes like cartoons, made of bigger 8 bit sprites animated with the backgrounds changing.

i want to do this, but before i start this i want to know the best way to go about it. im thinking it would be better and faster if it wasnt prerendered. my thinking is, create a cutscene trigger object then when it collides with the player change rooms. in the new room, this will be where the cutscene takes place. like a normal cutscene it will just be sprites moving around and changing. except theyre much bigger and the background is a sprite and it moves and changes as well.

im posting this because i want to make sure this is the best way, both performance wise and functionally to go about this. i know its possible somehow because heart machine did it and HLD was made with gamemaker. Thank in advance everyone :D


timelines/alarms, amazing skill and talent is how they did it. Animation takes a crazy amount of time to get done and look good that scene even though could have gone with a few more frames (in my opinion) still would of been CRAZY high. Cutscenes should never kill performance all it is is moving pictures and some times particles (beware the power of the particle) when all said in done the best way takes A LOT OF TIME which is why a game like this is so great. Also I would love to see some of your work good luck.


The intro, mid-game, and final cutscenes were pre-rendered as .webm and played back using a codec.