3D How to make a basic 3D game using raycasting?



Well, first post on the new GM forums!

I know it's probably a big ask here; but how would you make a basic 3D game where you can move around and collide into walls, which uses the raycasting technique (like the old Id Software games)? It's always interested me and I kinda wanna try out something besides 2D platformers and all that jazz; and all I know about making 3D games is they add the 3rd dimension (depth as it is known in GM:Studio).

Any and all replies are appreciated!


you talking about ray cast rasterizing, or ray cast collisions? Both are more of a google for technique kinda thing. Its an entire concept of approach and not something specific to gamemaker or something brief enough for people to explain here. There is lots of great content on the net on how to handle both of these. Alternatively. There are some classic rasterizers here in studio made up, and there are 3d collision DLLs and other extensions in the market place that can do the heavy lifting of CPU ray cast.


You should try p3dc.(Precise 3d collisions) It is a dll for gamemaker that helps in
1. accurate collisions
2. Collision masks
3. easy to use scripts
4. Raycasting
It is super helpful!
I recommend it.