how to make a Agar By GMS2


well, I try a lot of methods

But the effect is poor。。。

The biggest problem is the impact of multiple balls

I use the motion_add() , but there's going to be a crazy bounce between the balls

Even though I've adjusted the details

In the official game, the ball to ball is handled smoothly without shaking or ghosts

I would appreciate it if somebody could give me a demo.
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Noone is going to give you a demo. This forum is for helping you, yes, but that starts with the basics, which is learning how to code and how to use GameMaker. Throwing examples at you won't do that, and at best all you'll do is copy/paste the work of others then get frustrated when it either doesn't work, or doesn't do exactly what you want and you don't know how to modify it.

Show us the code you have and then we'll happily try and help you fix it. That way you'll learn something and be better prepared to solve further issues n your own.